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High Customization

Bring your product vision to life: Ningbo Eyecos Cosmetics Co., Ltd (Abbreviated as Eyecos) support customization with the sample you provided and one-stop service from idea to products. We provide different design of styles, shapes and formulas as market demands to reflect brand value.

  • Structure Design

    We have more than 40 packaging designers with annual 2000+ sets project design and have over 25% contribution.

  • Decoration Design

    The surface process is applied widely in the industrial design, such as Silk Screen Printing, Hot Stamping, Spraying and Metaliz ation etc. It can promote the appearance, texture, and function, also we develop the flocking, lambskin and dewdrop recently.

  • Formula Customization

    We have 100+ engineers according to different product lines and we are committed to the concept of green and environmental protection ( “Take care of our world while showing off your beauty fully”) — It's both friendly to your skin and environment with organic ingredients, vegan and cruety free formula.

  • Container Design

    We can provide consumers’ favourite design after realizing user’s requirement, brand features and design trend. We will also consider the cost of printing and eco-friendly packaging while pursuing pretty packaging to make it possible of “what you see is what you get”.

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