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Ningbo Eyecos Cosmetics Co., Ltd (Abbreviated as Eyecos) focus on sustainable development and comply with the ecosystem. Starting “environmental protection” “technological innovation” “ecological balance” to create value and positive impact for customers. And we persist in sustainable methods to purchase raw materials and manufacturing. By 2030, we will replace plastic materials as recyclable materials and the carbon emission will reduce 50%.


Our employees have over 1000 and about 60% are veteran employees. In the meantime, we import talent and encourage youngs to join us, we will open training for our employees to enrich their knowledge, and improve their teamwork, communication skills and services.


In order to reduce the plastics, Eyecos has established the green commission to achieve sustainable goals. Strengthen the management of pollution sources and take effective precaution measures to reduce or avoid the impact of waste water, waste gas and solid waste on the environment. Encourage the employees to use public transportation in order to reduce carbon emission.


Eyecos realized the responsibility and promoted sustainable of packaging materials. Reducing the amount of plastic packaging, using recyclable packaging based on he circular economy.

Clean Beauty

We offer cruelty-free, vegan formulas that are free of Coal Tar, Mineral Oil, Sulfates etc.

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