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Warmth of the Dragon Boat Festival, Love for all employees


Another year of Dragon Boat Festival, the fragrance of rice dumplings filled the streets with love. Thick fragrance of rice dumplings, long-lasting love. To thank all staff for their hard work for the development of the company all along, effectively sharing the company's development achievements, the company is concerned about the staff and has prepared Dragon Boat Festival benefits for all staff on 20/06/2023 afternoon. Sending holiday wishes in advance, a box of exquisite Dragon Boat Festival gifts not only carries the company's full of care for employees, but also full of love! 

As Kazuo Inamori said, "A company is not a tool to achieve personal It is a platform to create material and spiritual happiness for all family members." EYECOS continues to build a comfortable and clean working environment and create a harmonious and warm working atmosphere so that employees can feel the warmth of a large family.

These holiday benefits not only reflect the company's heritage and importance to the excellent traditional culture, but also carries the company's meticulous care for all EYECOS family members, each EYECOS staff efforts deserve to be recognized, because we are family, in the EYECOS family, you're very – ‘IMPORTANT ‘too!
On the occasion of Dragon Boat Festival, we would like to express our most loyal wishes and sincere respect, and send holiday greetings and good wishes to your families through you. The development of the company still needs the joint efforts and common struggle of all employees. We wish you all a happy holiday, good health and happy family!