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How do you determine which eyes hadow is suitable for you?


1. Do not use pearlescent light if your eyelids are swollen.

Girls with swollen eyelids are not recommended to use any eye shadow with pearlescent effect! Pearlescent has an amplifying effect, which will make swollen eyelids appear thicker and less energetic, so girls with swollen eyelids are best to choose matte or small pearlescent ones. Eye shadow~ If your eyelids are a little swollen and you cover them with large pearls, you can hardly open your eyes. You can only see the eye shadow but not your eyes. The single eyelids with small smoky eyes are so beautiful, and very flavorful~ There is no bling bling, so it is much more normal.

2. If your skin color is yellowish, don’t buy blue, green and purple products willfully!

Most Asians have yellowish skin tones, and earth tones and smoky colors are closer to our skin tones and easier to control. For daily nude makeup, you usually choose earth tones. For parties, you can wear a smoky eye. The earth colors should include brown, taupe, beige and champagne; the smoky colors should include black, gray and a shiny highlight. color. If your skin tone is white, you can refer to European and American eye shadow colors. Caucasians will like to choose cool-toned eye shadows, such as blue and purple. Girls with fair skin can try these colors appropriately.

3. Heavy makeup for small eyes, light makeup for big eyes

The next step is to classify by eye size~ For girls with big eyes, it is recommended to choose light-colored eye shadow and make it lighter, otherwise it will look too heavy. Girls with small eyes can wear thicker eye makeup and choose dark eye shadow to make their eyes look deeper and more energetic.

4. For girls with protruding eyes, pearls are a minefield that cannot be stepped on.

Girls with bulging eyes are divided into two situations. The first type has eye sockets. You can modify the eye shape by deepening the eye sockets. After adjusting the eye shape, it is no problem to choose eye shadow with glitter. The second type has no eye sockets, so you have to choose matte eye shadow. The pearlescent light will make the bulging eyes more bulging!

5. How can Phoenix Eyes avoid being exposed to dust?

Phoenix eyes are a special example. I need to explain it in detail. What are phoenix eyes? They are eyes with the ends of the eyes raised upward instead of downwards. Girls with phoenix eyes can easily smell like dust after putting on make-up (what a bitter tear...) How to avoid people turning their attention to you? Try to lighten the eye make-up as much as possible~ You can use eye shadow with pearlescent effect to brighten the eyes, but the eyes The tail must be in a low-key earth color to hide the raised eyes and let others focus on the brightened eyes~

How to choose eye shadow for novice makeup user

1. Choose according to your makeup style

When we put on makeup, we all know in our mind what kind of makeup I want to wear today. If your makeup style today is decided to be European and American, then you can be very bold in choosing eye shadows, such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. It’s up to you to choose, because it’s not weird to match your makeup style with these eye makeup. If you have a Japanese sweet makeup and you choose such a bold and bright color, then your makeup will look terrible, just It feels like you are wearing clown makeup.

2. Choose eye shadow according to eye shape

Choosing eye shadow based on eye shape is actually mostly for girls with single eyelids and puffy eyes. For this eye shape, you should try to avoid choosing eye shadows with bright pearlescent and warm colors, which will make your eyes look more swollen and unsightly. , you can choose matte texture eye shadow, which will look much better than the pearlescent one.

3. When choosing eye shadow for novices, try to choose powder eye shadow.

When choosing eye shadow, novices must not just follow the trend and buy it just because it is popular. Eye shadow cream has been particularly popular for a while. Different powdery eye shadows, eye shadow cream is said to be easy to remove and will not cause powdery powder, but the premise is that you can use it. It spreads evenly on your eye shadow. For makeup novices, applying eye shadow is not an easy task. Just use a brush to apply powder eye shadow. It is convenient and easy to operate, and you don’t need to cause any trouble to yourself.

4. Novices should not choose too many eye makeup and eye shadows

When choosing eye makeup and eye shadow, novices must remember that it is better to just use one color of eye shadow than to apply all colors on the eyelids. You don't have to act like a mess and apply eye shadow on the eyelids, which will not look good at all. When others apply eye shadow, three or four layers are enough at most, and they are applied by makeup veterans. But if you are not capable of layering eye shadow to make it look good, you don’t need to apply too much. Just use one eye shadow color and apply it on your eyelids. Just show the color of your eyes.

Beginner’s Guide to Choosing Eye shadow

First of all, if you are a novice, it is not recommended to buy single-color eye shadows. Although single-color eye shadows look beautiful, they are not easy to match with other colors. And as a novice, it is also difficult to match your own colors. Secondly, it is not recommended to buy multi-color eye shadows with exaggerated colors, such as twenty-four colors, thirty-six colors, etc. On the one hand, it is difficult to match them by yourself. On the other hand, there are not many opportunities to use many of the standout colors. Therefore, it is best to buy three or four colors of eye shadow. These are officially prepared colors and are not easy to make mistakes when used.

In terms of eye shadow color selection, a complete box of eye shadow palette includes at least three types:

1. The base color is usually the lightest color in the eye shadow. It can be applied to the entire eye socket to make subsequent colors more vivid.

2. Shadow color is usually the darkest color in an eye shadow palette. Generally used on the back half of the eye and one third of the lower eye, it can emphasize the eye end and deepen the three-dimensionality of the eyes. Can also be used as eyeliner color.

3. Transition color generally refers to the color whose color depth is between the base color and the shadow color. It can also be said to be an intermediate color. It is used to connect the shadow color and the base color to make the eye shadow transition more natural.

How to choose powder? Pearlescent or matte? I often hear many girls with swollen eyelids or single eyelids saying that you should not use pearlescent for swollen eyelids, as it will make them appear more swollen. There is a certain reason for this statement. It is true that pearlescent eye shadow has a visual expansion effect, but matte eye shadow is a bit monotonous. Therefore, girls with double eyelids and single eyelids who want to use pearlescent eye shadow are not without options. For example, they can choose a matte base color, and for the transition color and shadow color, they can choose micro-pearlized powder with a softer and more delicate powder. This combination The resulting eye makeup will not only look swollen, but will also be sparkling, making the eyes sparkling and very vivid.