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​What is the difference between curling mascara and lengthening mascara?


Lifting mascara and lengthening mascara are two different types of mascara, and their functions and effects are slightly different:

Curling mascara: The main function of this mascara is to make the eyelashes look more curled and curled. It usually contains special ingredients, such as soft wax or a formula that helps to increase the curvature of eyelashes, which can help the eyelashes curl naturally and make the eyes look brighter and more energetic.

Lengthening mascara: Unlike curling mascara, the main function of lengthening mascara is to lengthen eyelashes, making them look longer and slender. This type of mascara often contains special fibers or formulas that lengthen lashes when applied, making them appear longer than they actually are.

Therefore, when choosing a mascara, you can decide based on the effect you want. If you want your eyelashes to look curlier, you can choose curling mascara; if you want your eyelashes to look longer, you can choose lengthening mascara. Some mascara products may do both, so look at the product description or name to find out what their specific features are.

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