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​A brief introduction to the development history of eyecos


A brief introduction to the development history of eyecos

1. Focus on cosmetic pens, positioning famous supporting roles, and committing to become the world's strongest and most professional production base of cosmetic pens.

In 2016, it positioned itself to focus on cosmetic pens, and achieved the ultimate in specialization, precision, and persistence. In 2019, the annual growth rate of eyecos reached 58.57%.

In 2018, the shares will be expanded and the capital will be increased, and the ecological chain will be settled. Marketing expands territory, implements the "one product, one product" strategy, and the "One Belt, One Road" initiative begins.

2. Make good products quickly and at low cost - research and development capabilities

Since the establishment of the company in 2016, at the same time, the introduction of talents has established a research and development center to increase investment in the development of liquid pens. Now it has more than 20 senior engineers and 4 doctoral supervisors. In recent years, it has focused on the development of eyebrow pencils and eyeliners, especially the technical breakthrough of changing the color paste of eyeliner pens from outsourcing to self-made. It has also made a major breakthrough in fast delivery and quality assurance, laying a good foundation for new product development.

The huge technical R&D team and R&D technology innovation capabilities provide strong support for new product development, product quality assurance in the early stage, and the creation of "good products".

The implementation of intelligent manufacturing, with the "low cost" as the leading direction of efficiency improvement, provides more customers with better quality products and better cosmetic pen solutions.

Director Mao Guanglie and the team of experts expressed their deep appreciation for the subdivision of cosmetic pens and continued to focus on the R&D and manufacturing of cosmetic pens. They also recognized the continuous construction and achievements of digital factories in the past two years. Constructive opinions and guidance were given for the problems Aisy encountered in the digital transformation.

1. In-depth third-party cooperation

With the rapid development of digitalization and intelligence, many enterprises inevitably take some detours in the systematic planning of digital factory construction. eyecos should combine its own manufacturing characteristics and advantages, fully explain the needs of digitalization and intelligence, use and integrate the superior resources of IT and intelligent manufacturing enterprises, and lead the realization of the overall planning of the digital factory through in-depth cooperation. A lot of practical experience in digital construction of cross-industry benchmarking enterprises is helpful to solve practical problems in planning and construction.

2. Demonstration review by the intelligent manufacturing expert committee

The intelligent manufacturing expert committee will participate in the review and demonstration of eyecos's digital factory project plan as a third party for review and demonstration. The practical experience of the experts in the industry will greatly improve the feasibility of the project and will inevitably reduce the implementation Problems encountered in the process, reduce unnecessary costs in project investment.

Vision of eyecos Future Factory

A bird's-eye view of the future factory of eyecos

In order to meet the growing market demand, increase production capacity and respond to future market demand, eyecos relies on digital workshops and intelligent manufacturing to build an industry benchmark smart factory integrating warehousing, logistics, production, visits and exhibitions, leading the digital future of the industry.

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