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How to use mascara correctly?


How to use mascara correctly?

Correct brushing method of mascara

Step1, pull up eyelids and eyelashes

It is recommended for friends with single eyelids and inner double eyelids to slightly lift the eyelids when curling the eyelashes to clip the roots of the eyelashes. Not everyone's eyelash length is suitable for curling eyelashes in the front, middle and back sections. Instead, the key is to press close to the root to maintain the basic curl. If the curl is not ideal, you can lightly curl the middle of the eyelashes.

Step2, overlapping mascara

To shape lashes beautifully, layer and layer volume mascara. The point is to apply it fan-like from the root, and apply it with the feeling that the tip of the eyelashes is also brushed with fibers.

Step3. How to apply mascara with different effects

Thick mascara _ zigzag brush method; lengthening mascara only need to brush vertically upwards.

Step4, mix and use mascara to enhance makeup effect

If you want to enhance the makeup effect, you can first apply _curved mascara on the root to support the arc; then apply thick mascara to thicken the eyelashes, and finally apply lengthening mascara on the tip of the eyelashes to lengthen the eyelashes.

Step5, the electric eyelashes make the _ curvature more durable

For those whose eyelashes are prone to sagging, it is recommended to use an eyelash comb to comb the eyelashes from the bottom, and then use an electric eyelash iron to curl the eyelashes upwards. The effect will last longer than using an eyelash curler. Apply mascara and gently pull up the eyelids to avoid staining the eyelids. Blink after the mascara is half dry to prevent smudging.

Step6, 2 small actions after applying mascara

If there are lumps, you can use the small steel comb for eyelashes to gently comb the tangled eyelashes one by one. If some eyelashes are not curved enough, you can use a small eyelash curler to modify them, and you only need to curl the ends.

Step7, the lower eyelashes that will not become panda eyes

Fan the extensions with primer mascara as you would coat lashes. It is easy to apply if you hold the brush vertically. Apply volumizing mascara to the base of your lower lashes only. If you apply it all, it will stain your eyelids, so please be careful.

(Reminder: It is recommended that you do not just go to the street stalls to buy those cheap mascaras. After using it, many people's eyelashes will not grow, and their eyes will feel uncomfortable.)

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